New flu vaccine, containing H1N1 strain, banned in AU and NZ due to death and seizures

Australia and New Zealand BANNED the flu vaccine in children under five years old after the death of one child 12 hours after the vaccine, and seizures, high fevers, and vomiting seen in many others.

Fifty-five children in Western Australia, 5 years and younger, have been identified with possible convulsions after receiving the flu shot,

and 196 had less serious reactions such as fever, vomiting and inflammation at the injection site, Western Australia’s health department said. (4)

The vaccine is the FIRST seasonal influenza vaccine to contain the H1N1 strain.(4)

The Australian and New Zealand government has taken this seriously and placed a ban on flu vaccinations for children under 5 years old.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jim Bishop AO, MD, MMed, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA announced that after considering the results to date of a comprehensive study into the safety of seasonal flu vaccine for young children, he has advised, as a precaution, the suspension of season flu vaccination for healthy children under the age of five years. (5)

While the expected febrile convulsions rate should be 1 per 1,000 at the most, epidemiological analyses point to a rate of febrile convulsions in children aged under five years following 2010 seasonal influenza vaccination of about 9 per 1000 children vaccinated. (5)

But if it is such a concern for children under 5 that they are banning it, could it be doing any harm to children over 5, pregnant women, those with chronic illness, or the elderly?

Hmmm… lucky for us, flu vaccination doesn’t begin here for a few more months.






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