The Best Deodorant Ever

Looking for a non-toxic deodorant that actually works?

I’ve finally found it.  Well, truthfully, I didn’t find it, Drs. Brownstein, Ng and Nussbaum found it, but I finally discovered it for myself.

100% pure and natural Crystalux is the BEST!

I had used regular deodorant/antiperspirant for years and years.  Knowing that aluminum is not good in your body or on your body, I always felt wrong doing this but knew no other option. My sweat smelled like metal and I didn’t like it.  It’s a bad thing when you hate the way you smell.  So, last year, I decided to get rid of the aluminum.  After a few weeks, I stopped smelling of metal, but now I smelled like a man.   Not so great … but healthier and better than metal.

Since then, I tried multiple deodorants, however none did the trick.   Finally, I stuck with Tom’s deodorant which is aluminum free, however, while better than the rest, still didn’t really stop the smell.

Then this week, I was looking around my the Center for Holistic Medicine’s supplement/ vitamin area (there is so much in there that I’m always finding something new and interesting) when I glanced at some deodorant on a shelf, called Crystalux.

The label reads: Crystalux is a natural mineral salt roll-on that work by altering the skin’s pH and thus eliminating odor. Provides 24 hour maximum odor protection, guaranteed.  Crystalux stops odor causing bacteria before they multiply on the skin’s surface.

Hmmm….I bought both the liquid roll-on and the solid crystal block and decided to try out both – one for each pit.  (Sorry about the semi-raunchy nature to my writing today – I just sent my daughter off to overnight camp, so I’m still in camp mode.)  I couldn’t believe it.  Both worked and equally well.

Being hopeful,  I went to yoga yesterday – HOT room – I sweated.  Other people smelled, but not me!  And today, even in 84 degree weather and the stress of getting my daughter off to overnight camp, I still do not smell.  Believe it or not, this mineral salt really works.

My husband, the skeptic, will be the ultimate test.  Starting tomorrow.  I can’t wait to smell the results.

Drum Roll – dum dada dum…

Crytalux worked beautifully for my husband too!

After 3 days, he is convinced – It worked at home, at work, and under stress of throwing a party for his collegues.  What’s most amazing is that it is working as an antiperspirant as well.  I didn’t expect that.

So he’s using Crystalux and loving it too.  And I love knowing that we’re no longer putting toxic metals into our body and love just smelling him, not that horrible perfumy smell.

P.S. Both of us like the SOLID CRYSTAL BLOCK better than the roll-on (while you need to put a little water on the stick, the roll-on got smelly and was too watery for my husband.)

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