LEAD Found in Most Juice!

This is unbelievable… the Environmental Law Foundation has found significant quantities of lead in up to 85% of juices.   Additionally, they found lead in many canned fruits and even fruits in glass jars, such as peaches and pears.  They even found lead in baby foods and in organic juices.  For a complete list of all products tested, click here.

There is so much lead in these products that in California, according to Prop 65, there needs to be a disclaimer on these products, letting the public know that they contain lead.

Under Proposition 65, California’s Governor publishes a list of chemicals “known to the State to cause cancer or reproductive harm.” Lead is listed as both. If any consumer product contains a listed chemical at a level that presents a “significant risk” the manufacturer and retailer must give a “clear and reasonable warning” about the exposure

Additionally, lead is a potent neurotoxin, with the potential to cause significant decreases in IQ and even mental retardation.  The American Academy of Pediatrics states that there is no safe level of lead in the body.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, after all there is mercury in 40% of high fructose corn syrup (Hershey’s chocolate syrup, Poptarts, and Smuckers strawberry jelly to name a few top sellers)  and neither the media nor the medical community is talking about it much.

But I really expected more from organic products and Trader Joes.  I wonder if California will be putting Prop 65 labels on high fructose containing foods as well.

The good news is that juice isn’t good for us anyway. Even 100% juice is full of fructose which is damaging to the liver, increases inflammation in our bodies, rots our teeth, and increases our risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

So this just gives us another good reason to eat whole fruit and drink lots of water.

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