HPV vaccine may INCREASE cervical cancer risk

This is shocking news:

Back in 2006, there was significant research, documented by the FDA, which showed that the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) actually INCREASED the risk of cervical cancer in women who already had HPV infection before receiving the Gardisil vaccine.


There were two important concerns identified in this review of the Gardasil vaccine.

One (concern) was the potential for Gardasil to enhance disease among a subgroup of subjects who had evidence of persistent infection with vaccine-relevant HPV types at baseline.”

3 Different Studies Supported this Very Real Concern:

  • One study showed an increase of 11.7% risk of cervical cancer from getting the Gardasil vaccine as compared to placebo.
  • Another showed a 33.7% increased risk in those who received Gardisil after already having HPV.
  • And the third study showed an even greater risk, almost a 45% increased risk, of developing cervical cancer in women who already had HPV infection as compared to placebo.

What is crazy is that most pediatricians really want to believe that our 10 – 14 year old teens are innocent and are telling the truth when they say that they have never had sex.  Unfortunately, kids lie and kids have sex. And, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease – affecting 26.8% of US females.   Thus, even when doctors become aware of this increased risk of cervical cancer from giving the Gardasil vaccine to people already infected with HPV, doctors will still be at high risk of giving the HPV vaccine to not-so-innocent sexually active teenagers who already had HPV.  And, consequently, they will significantly increase the teens’ risk of getting cervical cancer by upwards of almost 45%!

We took an oath when we became doctors to “DO NO HARM.”  Unless doctors test each and every girl for HPV before giving them the vaccine, they are causing potential harm by giving this vaccine.

If HPV was really so bad, wouldn’t OBGYNs be concerned about it in our teens?  You’d think so, but you would be wrong.  When most OB’s see a teen with cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous changes on the cervix) from HPV, they usually just watch it and don’t treat it, as most NATURALLY resolve from the body’s own defenses fighting it off. The young healthy body  can usually fight off HPV on it’s own.  Not just teens clear HPV, but studies suggest that approximately 90% of all infections clear within 2 years. (J Pediatr. 1998;132:277, J Infect Dis. 1999;180:1415)

The second concern was with regards to the fact that Gardasil only protects against a few cancer causing HPV strains  – in fact, only 3% of those with HPV were found to have these vaccine “preventable” strains . 

Thus, there is a real chance that by getting vaccinating, patients may likely develop a false sense of security, thinking they are protected from cancer causing HPV, when really they are only protected from those few strains.

So, if the vaccine doesn’t make much difference to those given it at the “right” time, but rather significantly increases risk of harm to those given it at the “wrong” time, then it sure seems like the vaccine is acting much like a punishment for “wrong-doers” than any preventative for “right-doers.”

Our job as doctors is not to judge nor to punish, but rather to protect and heal.  We need to get back to doing our job, think for ourselves, and stop being moneymakers for big pharmaceutical companies, and stop acting as henchmen for those who have their own “moral” agenda.

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