Support for Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Research Regarding Measles and Autism

MMR Shot Fears Gain Support

By James Chapman, Daily Mail

Dr Arthur Krigsman, a consultant paediatric gastroenterologist, has observed serious intestinal inflammation in 43 autistic children.

At a U.S. Congressional hearing on the safety of MMR last week, he said his patients had inexplicably deteriorated, losing language and other skills at around 12 to 18 months of age.

All the children had been referred to him because they also had unexplained digestive problems such as pain, constipation and diarrhea.

Tests revealed that 90 per cent had the same inflammatory bowel disease reported by Dr Wakefield in patients he examined at the Royal Free Hospital in London four years ago.

Dr Krigsman said last night: ‘Our findings, which are independent of Dr Wakefield’s, completely support his explanation and his observations of the abnormalities in the bowels of these children.

‘They mirror exactly what he has described.’ The doctor, an assistant professor at New York University, said he did not know whether the illnesses were linked to MMR.  But he now plans to examine biopsies taken from the children for evidence of infection with the measles virus.

Pathologists at Trinity College, Dublin, claimed earlier this month they had evidence from similar experiments on 75 children, identifying measles virus from the MMR vaccine in bowel tissue samples.

Though this is far from proof that the jab actually triggered autism or bowel disease, some experts saw it as significant.

Dr Krigsman said: ‘Our concern was to determine whether there was bowel inflammation in these autistic children. The answer was yes. Now the question is: “What is causing it?î.’ His findings will add to the confusion of millions of parents over whether to have their children inoculated with MMR.

According to the Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS), the take-up rate for the triple vaccine has fallen to ‘dangerously low levels’ in parts of the UK, prompting fears of a potential epidemic of measles, which in extreme cases can be fatal.

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