Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier than Vaccinated Children?

There is an ongoing, UNBELIEVABLE study that is evaluating the health of over 7800 unvaccinated children and comparing their health to the health of the general childhood population.

I say this is an unbelievable study because no study like this has ever been done before, certainly not of this magnitude, and because the results are quite interesting.  It is also “unbelievable” because I’m quite confident that mainstream media will not say a word of this study, keeping it “unbelievable” to most.

A few important thing to understand before looking at the results:

  • This study just began in December of 2010 but is ongoing so that data may change
  • Most participants were from the US, but many were also from the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.  75% of responders answered in English, while 25% of the answered in German.
  • The study is being done by survey and thus is dependent on the memory and reporting of the parent.
  • So far, the majority of children in the study were breastfed longer than 6 months and most parents prefer natural or holistic care over allopathic (conventional) medicine.
  • While the ages range from infancy to >19, there is currently much more information on children under 6 years old than on older children.  Consequently current results will show lower numbers of those illnesses, like autoimmune disorders, that don’t typically show up until children are older.   (If you click here, it will take you to the study where there are links that provide a breakdown of the ages studied for each disease.)
  • Interesting to note:  the reason that 25% of responders gave as to why they did not vaccinate was because they had seen a vaccine reaction in a friend or family member.  Over 99% of the parents were happy with their decision not to vaccinate.
So what does the study show?

Comparing asthma, allergies and atopy (eczema), unvaccinated children have significantly lower rates of illness:

  • Less than 10% of unvaccinated children suffered from any allergy, compared to 40% of US children
  • 2.5% of unvaccinated children have been diagnosed with asthma, compared to 10-14% of US children, 14-16% in Australia, and 4.7% of German children.
  • 2.5% unvaccinated have had hayfever, compared to 10.7% of German children.
  • 7% unvaccinated have had eczema, while 20% of US children and 13% of German children have eczema or “neurodermatitis.”

Unvaccinated kids have less ADD/ ADHD

Only 1-2% of unvaccinated children have ADD/ADHD, while 9.5% of US children and 7.9% of Germany children have been given that diagnosis.

Unvaccinated children were diagnosed with autism, but FAR less frequently than seen in the general population

There were  4 unvaccinated children (out of the 7832 children in the study) with autism, whereas the rates of autism in the US are greater than 1 in 100.

Unvaccinated kids suffer less from otitis (ear infections) and sinusitis (sinus infections)

6.6% had otitis (11% in Germany)
2.2% had sinusitis (32% in Germany)

Autoimmune diseases (diabetes, thyroid disease, other) were found very infrequently in unvaccinated children

However, this is difficult to compare with the population as autoimmune disorders are uncommonly found in the age range of most in the study.  As more older children enter the study, this data will become more informational.
While there are certain risks to not vaccinating your child, this study certainly supports that there are great benefits to not vaccinating as well.

Thankfully the decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate remains yours, and must continue to stay yours!

As this study is ongoing, if  your child is entirely unvaccinated, you are welcome to have your child become part of the study.

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