How To Make Homemade Baby Formula

While breast feeding is by far the best way to feed a baby, there are times when this is not possible.

In these cases, most parents feel that they have no option but to purchase store bought, processed formula.  This is concerning to many parents for multiple different reasons. Many know that the cans are lined with the endocrine disruptor BPA (bisphenoyl A), that there are genetically modified ingredients in many formulas, and that the cows providing the milk are fed GMO corn, unless the formula is organic. Others remember the melamine contamination of fomula in 2008 in China or even the infant deaths from Nestle formula in the 1970’s and wonder how safe formula really is.   Recently 2 babies in Missouri died from infections thought to have come from bacteria that may have contaminated their formula. For parents who simply feel strongly about providing their babies the highest quality food made from the highest quality ingredients, store bought formula is less than desirable.
Parents do have another option.  They can make their own fresh, non-processed formula for their babies.  Realize however that this is not a simple task, such as just adding an estimated amount of water to powder.  Making homemade formula requires the acquisition of the highest-quality ingredients, mixed with exact measurement, including every ingredient without fail. If you are not up to this, then I highly recommend you rather buy organic baby formula and spruce it up with a few supplements.

However, if you are up for the challenge, then I do believe that homemade formula (milk or meat based) made from the Weston A. Price recipe is the absolute best food you can give your baby, second to breast milk.

Here is a wonderful link, containing recipes and a video to help you learn how to make homemade formula for your precious baby.

I hope this information helps you feel more confident and secure in knowing that YOU are the best person to nourish your baby, even when you can not breastfeed.

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