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Nutrasweet Increases Cancer Risk

In the very first long term study done on aspartame (a.k.a. Nutrasweet), researchers have found a significant increase in leukemia and lymphoma.

A large, 22 year prospective study was performed to see if there was an association between aspartame use and cancer.

The findings are significant:

  • In men, more than 1 daily serving of diet soda increased the risk of non-hodgkins lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

  • Men who had higher consumption of regular pop (corn-syrup sweetened) were found to have an increased ┬árisk of non-hodgkins lymphoma too.

  • When men and women were grouped together, a significant increased risk of leukemia was seen.

The scariest part of this study is that this is the VERY FIRST long term study done on aspartame.

Without doubt, we are the guinea pigs!