How can eating better and taking the right supplements improve my family’s health and ultimately save us money?

  • Eating less sugar will cause less cavities and thus lower dental bills.
  • Healthier diets, especially those full of healthy fats, can improve placement of our teeth and reduce the need for orthodontics. (
  • By eating healthier, your children will be sick less frequently, which translates to less time missed from school and work, less stress, lower medical bills, and more time for fun.
  • Healthier kids grow into healthier adults who are smarter and have healthier hearts, stronger bones, fewer chronic illnesses, less psychiatric illness, and longer lives.
  • Ultimately, this translates to healthier future generations.  Epigenetics is the study of the impact that the environment has on our genetics.  How we treat our body can actually change our genetics, for better or for worse.  It is these genes our children pass on to future generations.  So by loving and respecting our bodies, we maximize the potential health of future generations.
  • The medical system is the third leading cause of death in the US , behind heart disease and cancer.  In the United States, 225,000 people die each year from medically related deaths, from unnecessary surgeries, medication errors, hospital errors, infections acquired in hospitals, and from correctly prescribed, FDA approved medications (106,000 deaths.) Eating healthier and taking the right supplements will decrease your chances of needing medicine or needing to be hospitalized.

  • “… today’s younger generation will have shorter and less healthy lives than their parents for the first time in modern history unless we intervene” – S. Jay Olshancky, longevity researcher