There are several reasons to maintain a relationship with a primary care pediatrician. While Dr. Erlich focuses on improving and maintaining overall health and preventing chronic illness, with a focus on nutrition and respect for the body, she does not address many other important issues that typical pediatricians address.

Dr. Erlich does not see patients in the hospital and she does not provide after hours coverage.  She does not usually accept urgent care visits.  Furthermore, Dr. Erlich does not offer rapid office tests like strep tests, flu tests, CBC or urine testing.  She does not administer vaccinations, put in stitches, remove casts, or do pap/pelvic exams.

Furthermore, Dr. Erlich does not participate with insurance plans, but will provide the service of billing your insurance for you.  However, reimbursement is not guaranteed.  Courtesy billing is not possible if you have an HMO or Medicaid.

Consequently, Dr. Erlich requires that you have another doctor who can provide you these other services and be a source of comfort and information.