Super Nutrition for Babies – by Katherine Erlich, MD and Kelly Genzlinger CNC – I can’t help but toot my own horn.  This is certainly one of my favorites and truly hope it will help the next generation be healthier than the last.

The Untold Story of Milk – Explains the history of milk, how pasteurization came to be the norm, and the many benefits, as well as the risks, of raw milk.

Could it be B12? by Sally Pacholok RN and Jeffrey Stuart DO.  In depth book explains the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency on the body, which is surprisingly more common than I every knew.  It is of special concern for vegetarians and for those with MTHFR mutations (which surprisingly is upwards of 80% of kids who come to see me with chronic issues.)  If your baby is loosing milestones or head isn’t growing, read this book and have your child’s urine tested for methylmalonic acid.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride – (GAPS diet) – explains the connection between the gut (our second brain) and behavior

Molecules of Emotion – the Science behind Mind-Body Medicine – Candace B Pert, PhD. – Inspiring book written by a strong woman who shows the scienfic link between how the chemicals in our body are linked to our mind.

The Body “Knows” – How to Tune In to your Body and Improve Your Health – Caroline Sutherland, medical intuitive

Autism: Pathways to Recovery by Dr. Amy Yasko  – looking at autism from a metabolic pathways point of view, addresses methylation pathway problems in depth.

Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette’s – a Patient and Family Guide – Sheila Rogers.

Good Calories, Bad Calories – Gary Taubes. Fats, carbs, and the controversial science of diet and health.  A book that will reteach you how to think about food and what is truly good for you, and how “science” has skewed us to believe otherwise.

Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon.  Cookbook chock full of recipes and information on why our great grandparents, and past generations from other cultures, cooked the way they did, why it is healthier, what is wrong with lowfat and vegetarian diets, and how we can eat and cook to be healthier.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children – pediatric constitutional types– Paul Herscu, N.D. – nice clear descriptions.  Easy to read and helpful in finding your child’s constitutional remedy.

The Four Pillars of Healing –  Leo Galland, M.D.   – great book, particularly for interested physicians, reviews the past and present of medicine

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics– Kenneth Bock, M.D.  – focus on Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies.  Pediatrician who practices functional medicine sharing true patient stories and guidance for care of children with these chronic diseases.  A must read for parents of kids with autism, ADD, and asthma.

Digestive Wellness for Children– Elizabeth Lipski, PhD. – explains how the digestive system relates to disease, offering alternative strategies for specific disorders.  Excellent book!

The Biology of Belief– Bruce Lipton, PhD – Such an interesting book about epigenetics, written from a geneticist’s point of view.  Very captivating.

Iodine, Why You Need It and Why you Can’t Live Without It – David Brownstein, M.D. – Iodine deficiency is associated with thyroid disorders, breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Dr. Brownstein practices in West Bloomfield.  In Michigan, most people don’t consume enough iodine.  This book explains why and how to take iodine safely.

Salt Your Way to Health – David Brownstein, M.D. – clearly explains the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt vs. the negatives of refined salt.  Celtic Sea Salt replenishes minerals, assisting function and healing.  Whereas refined salt depletes our body of minerals, leading to disease and aging.

The Blue Zones:Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest– Dan Buettner – Evaluations of pockets of the world where there are many centurians.  What works for them and how we can use the information to live longer and healthier lives.

Sugar…Stop the Addiction – Kelly Genzlinger, CNC, CMTA – Discusses the negative effects of sugar and provides a biochemical explanation and treatment protocol for sugar addiction.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration – Weston A. Price, DDS – Written by a dentist in the 1930’s, who traveled the world looking for communties with perfect teeth.  Although quite long, this book remarkable photographs and has amazing relevance to today’s worlds. This should be required reading for dentists.

Children with Starving Brains, A Medical Treatment– Jaquelyn McCandles , M.D. – focuses on Autism, Aspergers, and ADD/ADHD

Peace, Love and Healing – Bernie Siegel, M.D. – body-mind connection and guide to self-healing

Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants – Dana Ullman, M.P.H – simple and complete guide for treating children homeopathically.

Genetic Nutritioneering – Jeffrey Bland, PhD.

Total Wellness:  Improve Your Health by Understanding and Cooperating with Your Body’s Natural Healing Systems – Joseph Pizzorno, N.D.

Reviving Ophelia:  Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls– Marcy Pipher, PhD – for every parent who has girls – psychology focus

Is Your Child’s Brain Starving? Food, Not Drugs for Life and Learning – Michael Lyon, M.D.