Could it be B12? – Sally Pacholok RN and Jeffrey Stuart DO.  In depth book explains the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency on the body, which is surprisingly more common than I every knew.  It is of special concern for vegetarians and for those with MTHFR mutations (which surprisingly is upwards of 80% of kids who come to see me with chronic issues.)  If your baby is loosing milestones or head isn’t growing, read this book and have your child’s urine tested for methylmalonic acid.

Iodine, Why You Need It and Why you Can’t Live Without It – David Brownstein, M.D. – Iodine deficiency is associated with thyroid disorders, breast cancer and prostate cancer.  Dr. Brownstein practices in West Bloomfield.  In Michigan, most people don’t consume enough iodine.  This book explains why and how to take iodine safely.

Salt Your Way to Health – David Brownstein, M.D. – clearly explains the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt vs. the negatives of refined salt.  Celtic Sea Salt replenishes minerals, assisting function and healing.  Whereas refined salt depletes our body of minerals, leading to disease and aging.

Autism: Pathways to Recovery by Dr. Amy Yasko  – looking at autism from a metabolic pathways point of view, addresses methylation pathway problems in depth.

Genetic Nutritioneering – Jeffrey Bland, PhD.