Recent Headlines on …. AUTISM

Autism up 78% – 3/29/12 – Studies now show that one in every 88 kids has some form of autism.  One in every 54 boys and one in every 252 girls.  Our society is obviously doing something majorly wrong – too many toxins and poor nutrition are significant contributors.

Kids with autism found frequently to be zinc deficient  – From my experience, the vast majority of children are zinc deficient.  As zinc is a critical nutrient for babies’ brains and nervous systems, it would not surprise me if zinc deficiency contributed to the development of autism.

Autism increased in children of schizophrenia and bipolar parents – I expect that futher research will find autism more common in children with parents who have chronic fatigue, MS, lupus and likely most chronic illnesses.


On …. Chronic Childhood Illness

Rates of childhood Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes have increased dramatically over the past 8 years.  While guesses are made as to why Type 2 is increasing, all seem stumped with regards to the increase in Type 1 DM.  When is someone going to call attention to the fact that almost all childhood chronic illness are increasing?


Sugary drinks associated with increased heart disease – large study of male health care professionals who drank just an average of 1 sugar drink/day had a 20% increased risk of heart attack than those who never drank them.

Sugar should be regulated as a toxin

Diet soda linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome –  Best to not drink any pop at all though. See above article

Kellog’s Honey Smacks and Post Golden Crisp are more than 50% added sugar by weight – That means when you hold a box of the cereal, half the weight is due to sugar alone. Far more of a dessert item than a something to sustain and nourish them at school.

Sugar may be more addictive than cocaine – article in the Bloomberg Report

On …. MILK

People who eat dairy more than three times/week found to have higher incidence of acne


Pasteurized milk linked to cancer – likely due to the high amounts of estrogen found within milk from factory farmed cows.  Raw milk contains much lower levels.   Today’s processed milk is very different from the milk our grandparents drank.

Let Them Drink Milk! – Queen Elizabeth drinks raw milk and fed her sons raw milk when they were growing up


Infant death surge seen with Infanrix Hexa vaccine – If you are going to vaccinate your baby or child, I highly recommend that you only give one vaccine at a time.  5 vaccines at once just isn’t fair on a baby’s immune system, especially when they are given with the aluminum preservative in the vaccine.

Infant mortality rates associated with the number of vaccine doses –  Journal of Human and Experimental Toxology found that countries that administer a higher number of vaccines during the first year of life experience higher infant mortality rates.

Vaccines concerns by Mercola

MMR, Hep A, Dtap, and Varivax vaccines associated with an increased risk of the autoimmune disorder called ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura)

Flu shots contain more that 250 times the EPA safety limit for mercury

Shocking news about the Gardisil vaccine – contaminated with recombinant (genetically modified) HPV DNA

Recent whooping cough outbreaks likely due to mutated pertussis strain – very interesting.  The new mutated strain produces more toxin, is more dangerous, and is not prevented by the current DtaP vaccine.

New information on the MMR, autism and Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research

Combination MMR-V (measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox) vaccine found to be associated with a much higher risk of febrile seizures than just giving them in two separate shots (6/28/10) – Avoid this combination vaccine!

WHO scandal regarding H1N1 “pandemic” – Advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers

Rotovirus vaccine (Rotarix) found to be contaminated with a Pig Virus – FDA “asks” doctors to use the other rotovirus vaccine instead.  They say the pig virus is not dangerous – how do they know?  How do they know that it won’t recombine with the live rotavirus in the vaccine to form a novel Swine gastro flu?

February 2009 – “Accidental” contamination of flu vaccine with live bird flu virus

Flu vaccines given to kids with asthma found to TRIPLE their likelihood of hospitalization! – research presented by the American Thoracic Society


Fluoride found to be neurotoxic by Harvard meta-analysis

Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly – first government funded study to support the negative impact that additives and colors have on children’s behavior

Prenatal exposure to phthalates increases eczema in babies

Cell phones and cancer risk – keep cell phones away from your body as much as possible. Never sleep with your cell phone.  Thanks goodness teens are so into texting – only their hands are at risk.

Prenatal exposure to pesticides used on crops can harm the developing fetus’s brain

Toxins in plastics leach into our food  causing a cumulative effect over time and from multiple toxins.  I’m sure there is also a generational effect especially since plastics often contain hormone disruptors.

More on the dangers of genetically modified foods – to our crops, to our bodies and our children’s bodies, to our environment and to our future

Arsenic and lead levels in juice confirmed by Consumer Reports

BPA levels increased 1200% by eating canned food for 5 days.  BPA is found in the lining of most canned soups, canned vegetables and pop cans, like Coca Cola cans.

Increased Risk of Asthma Associated with Tylenol Use – studies have been done over the past several years, in multiple countries, consistently suggesting an increased risk of asthma associated with Tylenol use.  This article referred to was published by the AAP (the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

Chronic use of Tylenol in adults was associated with asthma in this article

This research suggests current use of Tylenol to increased asthma, allergies and eczema in children aged 13-14.

Think Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby shampoo is safe because it doesn’t cause tears?  It contains carcingens and is also highly allergic to many babies and children.  UPDATE:  As of November 1st, J&J stated they will no longer be selling baby shampoo with formaldehyde releasing preservatives.

Prenatal pesticide exposure documented in 3 long term studies to lower the IQ of children.  Since these pesticides have been banned for residential use, essentially the only place these mothers could have been exposed to them is through the pesticides found on non-organic foods.  Study 1.    Study 2.   Study 3.

TNF blocking medications in childhood and adolescence linked to Lymphoma. Remicade, Simponi, Embrel, Humira, and Cimzia linked to increased risk of T-cell lymphoma.

FDA is reevaluating the safety and effects of food dyes. Many kids and adults have behavioral changes with food dyes.  Now finally they may put a warning on labels to notify potential buyers of their presence.

Non-stick pans, stain-resistant carpeting, microwave popcorn related to elevated cholesterol levels which suggests that the chemicals on these items are inflammatory and toxic, triggering the body increase cholesterol to assist with healing.

Bounce Houses found to contain high amounts of LEAD in the vinyl (8/11/10) – if your child must play in a bounce house, make sure they wash their hands after (not just use antibacterial gel).  But unfortunately, it’s likely that the lead is in the air as well.:(

Chemicals in beauty products tied to early puberty in girls – links phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens (which are all endocrine disruptors) to early breast development, early puberty, and increased healthy problems

EPA labels Bisphenoyl A (BPA) as a chemical of concern

Nutrisweet changing it’s name to AminoSweet – don’t be fooled!

High Fructose Corn Syrup Removed from School Lunch Chocolate Milk

232 chemicals and polutants found in umbilical cord blood


Recent review of 21 studies on eczema and probiotics support significant reduction in eczema (up to 50% improvement) in patients while/after taking probiotics.


Study links type of birth (C-Section vs. vaginal) with increased risk of allergies/asthma.  Babies born by C-S were found more likely to have a bacteria called C. difficile living in their guts (43%) than those born vaginally (27%) in a hospital.  And, babies born at home are even less likely to be colonized with C. diff. (19%).  Those who had C.diff in their stools were twice as likely to have asthma and had more food sensitivities and eczema.

Why we have so many kids with food allergies?

Two studies show Tylenol linked to increased Asthma risk (8/13/10) and to allergies and eczema – Previously other research has also tied Paracetamol (brand of Acetominophin sold overseas) to asthma


Probiotics shown to improve type 1 diabetes symptoms and believed to even have the potential to PREVENT type 1 diabetes!


Giving antibiotics within the first 6 months increases a baby’s risk of obesity

Babies born by c-section have increased risk of obesity as compared to those born vaginally.  Case against elective c-sections.

Breast fed babies have a wider range of gut bacteria, and gut bacteria that are more protective, than the gut bacteria of formula fed babies

Probiotics may help kids in many ways –  Yes they do!

Probiotics beneficial for premies – premature babies given probiotics gained more weight than those not given probiotics.

Probiotics Effect on Cold and Influenza-like symptom incidence – probiotics shown to help prevent and limit duration of colds

Study links antibiotics given in infancy to inflammatory bowel disease later in life – this is likely due to the destruction of good bacteria in the gut by the antibiotics and may partly explain the increased risk of IBD in children of mothers who have IBD.

Antibiotics provide little help to those with ear infections – During my residency, I was told that 60-80% of ear infections are viral and will resolve on their own, yet unfortunately, I believe, most doctors give antibiotics to 80% of children with ear infection. It was so rewarding last year to watch my son get over an ear infection in less than 48 hours, without antibiotics, using only vitamins/herbal supplements.

Medicine using fecal transplantation to cure people of GI infections (7/12/10)

Fecal Transplants (Yes, you’re correct – put the poop from one person into the gut of another’s!) show great promise in curing chronic gut infections like C.diff


Low vitamin D levels during pregancy increase the risk of having a low birth weight baby  “This is one of the largest studies to examine a mother’s vitamin D levels and their relationship with birth weights.”  Low birth weight babies have a 5-10 x increased risk of death in the first month and have a higher risk of chronic illness later in life. There are not any easier, safer or more beneficial supplements to take when you are pregnant.

Mental illness significantly increased in those with vitamin D deficiency 

Vitamin D boosts the immunity and helps prevent common cold

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy increases risk of having children who are overweight or obese

Vitamin D can prevent the flu and asthma attacks

American Academy of Pediatrics statement on Vitamin D

On …. Things That Help and Others that Don’t

On vitamin K2….. IN DEPTH description of how vitamin K2 is integral to optimal health

Current B12 tests found unreliable in many patients – especially those at most risk due to pernicious anemia

NAC helps teens get off marijuana

Zinc shown to help fight infections in babies

Moms with gluten sensitivity have a 50% increased risk of having a child with schizophrenia

Are antidepressants no better than placebo?  Interesting article on antidepressants, comparing efficacy and showing that  some antidepressants work only as well as placebo, but of course with far more side effects.

Magnesium given to mom’s before they delivered premature babies showed to prevent cerebral palsy  Oddly, they referred to magnesium sulfate wrongly as a drug, when actually it is a mineral.  Wouldn’t want to foster the idea that vitamins and minerals could actually be beneficial.  What unscienfic nonsense!

Organic eggs are well worth it! Conventional chickens are nearly 700 percent more likely to develop salmonella than organic chickens.

Organic Mattresses – I was quoted in this article in the Detroit Examiner about toxins in mattresses

Antipsychotics increase blood sugar and lipids – children on antipsychotics should routinely have their blood sugar and lipids monitored, but less than 1/3 of kids are getting tested. (my recommendation: If abnormal sugar or lipid levels are seen, the antipsychotic should be discontinued!)

Why doctors should practice lifestyle medicine

Most type 2 diabetes can be prevented in childhood

Do cholesterol drugs do any good?