Raw Milk Safety – 2013 letter written to the American Academy of Pediatrics with research and facts showing the safety and benefits of high quality raw milk

Genetically Modified Foods – recommendations from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.  Cliff Notes:  GM foods pose a significant health risk. Don’t eat them and recommend that patients avoid them. 

Ratings of cereals – rated primarily on purity – GMO and pesticide containing cereals received the lowest ratings. Unfortunately most “natural” cereals received quite low ratings.

MTHFR research

Weston Price Foundation on homemade baby formula and early baby foods

Organic Egg scorecard – rating scale of many brands of “organic” labelled eggs – unfortunately many common ones like Trader Joes and Horizon rate very poorly (1/5).  Organic Valley rated 3/5.  I wonder if Whole Foods or Plum carry eggs from Krause Farm – only 5/5 rated farm located in Michigan.

Healthy Child, Healthy World – wonderful resource that provides information on environmental toxins, public policy, good recipes, and much more

Weelicious – wonderful recipes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and everyone else.  There are baby food recipes, dairy free and gluten free recipes, cooking videos to show how the food is made, and many useful tips.

Sunscreens ratings – Our skin is a living organ and needs to be treated that way.  Sunburns are bad, but toxic sunscreen applied daily may be worse.  Badger sunscreen is the best.  I like California Babies sunscreen as well.  Of the standard sunscreens found in “regular” stores, Lanicream is the best, and I think Aveeno is second best.

Genetically Modified Foods and their health risks to humans – conclusion:  there is NOT enough scientific data proving that GMOs are safe, and there is sufficient concerning data supporting that the public shouldn’t be the guinea pigs

EWG’s shopper’s guide to pesticides on food – provides top list of foods that are highly sprayed with pesticides and thus would be safest if bought organic.  Also provides the top least pesticide sprayed foods which would be less concerning if purchased conventionally grown.  The list does not comment on nitrites in the ground however .  Taking that into consideration, I still recommend all root foods (carrots, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc..) be eaten organic.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Sign the petition to get healthier food in schools.  This website if full of great resources for helping your child’s school become a healthier place to be.

The Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry – by Sally Fallon

Sugar  – The Bitter Truth – a must see – 1 1/2 hour lecture by an endocrinologist explaining why limiting sugar and sugar -like foods is so important and how frustose is poison.

Pediatrician exposes vaccine myths

“The literature is showing that there are changes in the immune system of children who are vaccinated, especially if we vaccinate them before one year of age or even at one day of age.”  “The literature is there. It’s good scientific literature, and it shows that more and more of these kids who are suffering from chronic illness are suffering from impairments of their immune system.” “Whether vaccines are causative or contributory, the literature is showing that there is a role that vaccines are playing in creating the groundwork for these children’s immune systems to start to show signs of impairment and destruction.

“It is no longer my role to tell them that they must do this vaccine but not that vaccine, because each parent has to make an informed choice based on their understanding of how diseases occur or don’t occur, what science we have available, and whether they feel comfortable with the devil that they know (the science and the outcomes of disease) versus the devil that they don’t know (science and the outcomes of the vaccine).”   – Larry Palevsky, M.D, board certified pediatrician

YouTube – Urgent Warning about Gardasil

Flu Vaccine and Swine Flu Vaccine blog by Dr. Brownstein

Flu vaccine information from Dr. Tenpenny

Vitamin D

Why Butter is Better

Know Your Fats – many links for information on fats.  Discusses the effect of dental and orthodontic problems due to poor diets

Omega 3 fatty acids

The Dangers of Genetically Modified foods (GMO)

Safer plastics:  How to avoid BPA and Phthalates

Discussion on Soy– has multiple pages on different areas of concern about soy

Environmental Working Group – Kid safe chemicals and toxins in our environment

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Complementary and Integrative Medicine

American Holistic Medical Association

Doris Rapp, M.D. – retired pediatric allergist and environmental medicine specialist

Skin and Cosmetics Safety – provides ratings on child and adult skin care products

What’s wrong with what we eat? YouTube video