Safety and Benefits of Raw Milk – 2013 letter written to the AAP in response to it’s anti-raw milk stance.  Contains facts and research showing the safety and health benefits of high quality raw milk

Dietary Fat and ADHD – explains how fat is necessary for brain function, attention, focus, etc….

Holistic kids – good website for nutrition advice – here is an article explaining why grass fed beef is much better than beef from factory farmed grain fed cows.

MTHFR Research

Raw milk – 1st article on raw milk: Mercola talks about the safety of raw milk and the benefits over processed (pasturized and homogenized) dairy

Raw milk – 2nd Mercola article about raw milk that describes how the CDC misrepresents data on the safety of raw milk.

Homemade Formula Recipes – most ingredients can be found at the Radiant Life baby formula site

Broth is Beautiful – Nourishing Broth: beef, chicken and fish stock recipes

Avoid DHA supplemented infant formula – eventhough DHA is an important omega fatty acid for babies to have, getting it supplemented in baby formula is NOT the right way to get it.  These oils are extracted from fermented fungus and algae with a neurotoxic chemical solvent, and some infants experience serious adverse reactions to these additives.

Organic Milk scorecard – ratings of many organic milk/dairy companies. Interesting to note that Horizon received a zero out of a rating scale of 1-5.  Costco and Trader Joes got a 1 and Organic Valley got a 4/5.

Weston Price Foundation on homemade baby formula and early baby foods

Organic Egg scorecard – rating scale of many brands of “organic” labelled eggs – unfortunately many common ones like Trader Joes and Horizon rate very poorly (1/5).  Organic Valley rated 3/5.  I wonder if Whole Foods or Plum carry eggs from Krause Farm – only 5/5 rated farm located in Michigan.

Weelicious – wonderful recipes for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, and everyone else.  There are baby food recipes, dairy free and gluten free recipes, cooking videos to show how the food is made, and many useful tips.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Sign the petition to get healthier food in schools.  This website if full of great resources for helping your child’s school become a healthier place to be.

Sugar  – The Bitter Truth – a must see – 1 1/2 hour lecture by an endocrinologist explaining why limiting sugar and particularly high fructose corn syrup sweetened foods is critical.  Fructose is metabolized in the liver like alcohol – our body treats it like poison!

Why Butter is Better

Know Your Fats – many links for information on fats.  Discusses the effect of dental and orthodontic problems due to poor diets

Omega 3 fatty acids

Discussion on Soy– has multiple pages on different areas of concern about soy

What’s wrong with what we eat? YouTube video