Genetically Modified Foods – recommendations from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.  Cliff Notes:  GM foods pose a significant health risk. Don’t eat them and recommend that patients avoid them. 

Best Sunscreens / Worst Sunscreens (Hall of Shame)

Most Healthy/Lease Healthy Car Seats – provides rating of child car seats that contain the most and least toxins.

 Most Healthy/Least Healthy Cars – provides rating of cars that contain the most and least toxins and even the breakdown of what chemicals are located in which place in the car.

Susan McCreadie MD’s words on vaccinations, with which I very much agree

Artificial Sweeteners –  Not really very ‘sweet’ for the body or for weight loss

Healthy Child, Healthy World – wonderful resource that provides information on environmental toxins, public policy, good recipes, and much more.  The only negative is that they focus primarily on vegetarian diets.

Sunscreens ratings – Our skin is a living organ and needs to be treated that way.  Sunburns are bad, but toxic sunscreen applied daily may be worse.  Badger sunscreen is the best.  I like California Babies sunscreen as well.  Of the standard sunscreens found in “regular” stores, Lanicream is the best, and I think Aveeno is second best.

Genetically Modified Foods and their health risks to humans – conclusion:  there is NOT enough scientific data proving that GMOs are safe, and there is sufficient concerning data supporting that the public shouldn’t be the guinea pigs

EWG’s shopper’s guide to pesticides on food – provides top list of foods that are highly sprayed with pesticides and thus would be safest if bought organic.  Also provides the top least pesticide sprayed foods which would be less concerning if purchased conventionally grown.  The list does not comment on nitrites in the ground however .  Taking that into consideration, I still recommend all root foods (carrots, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc..) be eaten organic.

Sugar  – The Bitter Truth – a must see – 1 1/2 hour lecture by an endocrinologist explaining why limiting sugar and sugar -like foods is so important

Pediatrician exposes vaccine myths

MMR vaccine doesn’t work as expected – in 2009 measles outbreak, 97% of people infected had been vaccinated (the vast majority (89% of them had received two doses). What’s the point of getting the vaccine if it doesn’t protect?

YouTube – Urgent Warning about Gardasil

Interview with the founder of the National Vaccine Information Center about the H1N1 vaccine and vaccines in general and link to 60 minutes video about the Swine Flu

H1N1 vaccine risks – interview with a neurosurgeon

Dangers of the Swine Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine and Swine Flu Vaccine blog by Dr. Brownstein

Flu vaccine information from Dr. Tenpenny

The Dangers of Genetically Modified foods (GMO)

Safer plastics:  How to avoid BPA and Phthalates

Environmental Working Group – Kid safe chemicals and toxins in our environment

Doris Rapp, M.D. – retired pediatric allergist and environmental medicine specialist

Cosmetics Safety