Healing the Whole Child – now located in Franklin Village

Franklin Holistic Medical
32710 Franklin Road
Franklin, MI. 48025
Franklin Holistic Medical is located in historic downtown Franklin Village, just across from the gas station.
* Please note that Dr. Erlich is no longer working at the Center of Holistic Medicine. The friendship remains and CHM supplements may still be purchased there. However due to Covid, working only at the Franklin office was best for everyone.

Email: inquiry@healingthewholechild.com

Phone: 248-254-6646

Hours: appointment only

*  A $50 fee obtained to hold appointments.  This will be applied to the cost of the total office visit.  No shows or cancellations within 2 weeks of the office visit will result in forfeiture of this $50 fee.

For Supplements: Monday and Wednesday 11am-1pm

For Appointments:

  • Contact by email
  • Schedule with receptionist – 248-254-6646 – Mondays and Wednesdays 11am-1pm

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–Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Austrian writer