What will happen before a typical initial visit?

Before the initial office visit, Dr. Erlich will schedule a phone consultation so she can learn about your child’s issues and discuss your goals and expectations from the visit.  Dr. Erlich will be able to provide further explanation about your upcoming visit and answer general questions at this time.

During the days before the initial visit, please pay attention to your child’s diet and keep a 3-day diet diary.  Be sure to thoroughly complete the  patient questionnaire and bring it to the first visit.  This will provide Dr. Erlich a tremendous amount of information and save valuable time during the visit so you can have a more complete discussion and education.

If your child has a complicated medical history that cannot be adequately conveyed on the questionnaire, please provide medical records to help clarify this information.  You can request your medical records directly from your pediatrician and bring them to your initial visit.  This will ensure that we have your records at the time of the visit.  Please understand that your pediatrician’s office is busy and may need adequate notice before providing you with the records.  For this reason, request these records at least 2 weeks prior to your initial visit to Healing the Whole Child.

What to bring to your child’s first visit?

  • Agreement form, completed
  • Questionnaire, completed
  • Patient Information form, completed
  • Any medications and/ or supplements that you are taking.  Please bring them in their original containers
  • Growth charts from pediatrician’s office (weight, height and head circumference)
  • Any other medical records that may be helpful and blood work results, especially if obtained recently.  (Your medical records are your property and can be obtained from your pediatrician or other specialists by asking.  Sometimes a small fee to make copies may be requested by your doctor.)