US Wellness Meats provides the HIGHEST QUALITY, PASTURE RAISED  meat, beef stock and liverwurst, shipped directly to your home.

Get the best grass fed meat and liverwurst, pasture raised chicken products including liver and chicken feet (for homemade bone broth), and nitrite free free range bacon.  They sell excellent beef bone broth too, along with many other great products.



Beyond Organic  offers tremendous products that can transform the terrain of your body.

My favorite is Amasai – a grass fed kefir/yogurt.



Juice Plus is a whole foods supplement that your kids will love

:Juice Plus +

Juice Plus + ® Provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a convenient capsule and delicious chewable (gummy) form.

To learn why I like Juice Plus, click here.



Wanting to make your baby homemade formula but can’t find the ingredients at your local store?

Radiant Life sells many of the hard-to-find ingredients recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF).




Got Lice?   It’s good to be prepared … just in case

Neon Nits Lice Infestation Mousse and Terminator Comb are now available through Healing the Whole Child

If you live in southeastern Michigan, you can now purchase both Neon Nit’s Mousse and the Neon Nits Terminator lice comb directly through Healing the Whole Child.  This way you can get the products immediately and save yourself the shipping charge.  If you are interested, please email inquiry@healingthewholechild

If you need either product to be shipped, please contact directly, as Healing the Whole Child does not ship.